Watch Darrell Hammond Return as Bill Clinton in SNL's Trump Rally Cold Open

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Watch Darrell Hammond Return as Bill Clinton in <i>SNL</i>'s Trump Rally Cold Open

Saturday Night Live delivered its usual Trump administration-skewering, cameo-packed cold open to kick off last night’s Chance the Rapper-hosted episode, setting the lead-off sketch at a particularly well-attended Trump rally in Albuquerque (or “Albacore,” to hear Alec Baldwin’s POTUS tell it), New Mexico. Notable honored guests included a pair of former SNL veterans, with Fred Armisen as Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Darrell Hammond as a U.S. president who knows a thing or two about impeachment: Sir William Clinton.

The suspension of disbelief this sketch requires is accepting the idea of Trump being willing to share the mic so much at one of his beloved rallies, rather than simply blathering on for as long as he physically can. Baldwin’s Trump brings up one devoted supporter after another, including rookie cast member Chloe Fineman as Trump’s own personal Vanna White, Cecily Strong (“Keem Amarica Greab Agrain,” indeed) and Aidy Bryant as a pair of deranged Trumpers, Mikey Day as a biker for Trump, Pete Davidson (seemingly just in his street clothes) as a freed P.O.W. with plans to join ISIS (?), Kate McKinnon as a sweaty and fawning Lindsey Graham, and Alex Moffat as milquetoast automaton Mark Zuckerberg, though his haircut isn’t quite bad enough to be believable.

Hammond’s Clinton joins “the party” near the end, offering a hearty, “Hello, America,” and finding himself a bit jealous of the current president: “Man, I wish I would have known that a president could be on the road like this doing rallies. Can you imagine? Oh my lord, I would never come home.” When he’s told Trump is being impeached, the former president slyly replies, “You are? You dirty dog.” “It’s not for that,” says Baldwin. “They don’t mind when I do that, trust me.” (Ugh.) “Well,” says Hammond, “that is progress.” Armisen as Erdogan wraps up the sketch, which you can watch for yourself below. Make sure to check out Chance the Rapper’s monologue while you’re at it.

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