SNL's Best Bit Tonight Was about Southern Great-Grandmas and Disney Channel Original Movies

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<i>SNL</i>'s Best Bit Tonight Was about Southern Great-Grandmas and Disney Channel Original Movies

Usually when we post SNL sketches here it’s because we’ve fallen into their trap. It’s because they’ve done something custom-tailored to go viral, something so buzzy or trendy or zeitgeisty that we basically have to respond by slapping it up on the site. Occasionally it’s also legitimately hilarious; that’s not always the case, though.

On the flip side of that, occasionally the show does something we genuinely love that isn’t the kind of sketch that would get a lot of social media attention. A great example is tonight’s Weekend Update segment featuring Andrew Dismukes. The native Texan has been a writer on the show for a few years, but this is his first season as a “featured player.” He hasn’t gotten a ton of screen time, but he’s generally made the most of what he’s gotten, and absolutely deserves another season or two to prove his worth. It’s a little galling that he was born after I graduated from high school (which… Jesus Christ, dude, way to make me feel like a piece of shit!), but age is no barometer for how funny somebody is, and he’s proven himself to be funny time and time again—and especially tonight.

So here’s the bit. Tonight Dismukes did one of those Weekend Update segments where he basically just does a few minutes of stand-up. No foul: the best contributions from Leslie Jones and Pete Davidson were also stand-up routines in the form of Weekend Update monologues. Dismukes lives up to their example by talking about watching the Disney Channel original movie Brink with his great-grandmother when he was a child. Now, I’m the kind of weirdo who does a podcast about Disney+ shows, so I can tell you that Brink premiered when Dismukes was only three years old. I’m assuming he was watching a rerun of it at some point. But he also mentions that his great-grandmother was born in the 1800s, so either he’s joking about the year she was born, or else he was actually watching a ridiculous made-for-cable movie about inline skating with a woman who was born over a century beforehand. Either way the thought is absurd, and either way it’s also hilarious.

It’s not just the concept that makes this work, though. Dismukes’ delivery is pristine from start to finish, whether it’s nodding off the audience’s lack of response to his revelation that he’s from Texas, or responding to Colin Jost’s (obviously planned) reactions. Dismukes hasn’t been bad this season, but he also hasn’t had much of an opportunity to prove himself in front of an audience; he’s been a low-key star in various sketches before, but this is the first true moment he’s had to win over the audience, and to his credit he does a fantastic job.

Like Dismukes, I am southern, but I never knew my great-grandparents. I knew all four of my grandparents, though, and I can only imagine how confusing and annoying it would be to watch a Disney Channel movie with them. I feel this one, y’all. Maybe you will too. Check it out below, okay?

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