Chris Pine Plays Congressional Republicans in Joss Whedon's Latest Save The Day PSA

Comedy Video Save the Day
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Joss Whedon has been recruiting his famous friends to star in a series of PSAs to encourage people to vote, and he doesn’t want to limit his campaign to just the presidency.

In Save The Day latest PSA, Chris Pine stars as an unruly, petulant and downright evil co-worker in a thinly veiled takedown of congressional Republicans.

Pine’s character whines about giving healthcare to the whole company, even the janitors, despite the fact that he doesn’t have an alternative idea. He keeps a dangerous, broken microwave in the breakroom because the creepy guy who just lights matches all day “gave me money and he might give me a job when I leave here.” He gets irrationally upset at the new legal help, Bob, and insists nobody look at him, and he throws snowballs in the office because “science isn’t in The Bible.”

But there’s a happy ending. Pine’s beset-upon co-workers, led by Alan Tudyk, “all got together and we voted.” It’s a convincing and hilarious argument.

And if common sense or Pine’s performance aren’t enough to convince you that you should be voting for more than just the presidency, here’s President Josiah Bartlet to explain it to you.