Surprise: Comedy Central Is Marathoning Scrubs All Day Today

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Surprise: Comedy Central Is Marathoning <i>Scrubs</i> All Day Today

A fun thing to do today, if you need a fun thing to do today, might be to tune into Comedy Central’s all-day Scrubs marathon. Remember Scrubs? It’s the classic story of a group of young med school graduates who think they’ve learned all there is to learn about medicine, but then it turns out they actually have much more to learn after all. Specifically, they have nine more seasons of stuff to learn, two of which are on a different network than the other seven, and one of which is without the main character. And remember that bit where the guy who played the Janitor was in The Fugitive and they did a whole long joke about that and you weren’t sure whether it was fake or not so you went and ordered The Fugitive on Netflix back before Netflix had streaming and four days later the DVD came and you watched it and there he was? That was funny. Gosh, things sure were different back in 2001-2010. So, yeah, Comedy Central is airing Scrubs now and you can watch it all day today. Have a good one.