Watch a Hilarious Stand-Up Set from "New Material Seinfeld" on The Pete Holmes Show

Comedy Video Seinfeld
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Nothing can match the precision, the timing and the “what’s the deal with…” of a well-crafted Jerry Seinfeld stand-up routine. So since The Tonight Show brought the real live Seinfeld on last week, this week The Pete Holmes Show brought back regularly featured comedic visionary “New Material Seinfeld,” who might be more popular on Twitter than any other blue puppet with good hair. Sure, he doesn’t get invited over to the couch, but he’s probably just prepping this stuff for a Fallon set so who cares anyhow.

Watch the clip above to discover a comic master at work, in puppet form, and find yourself wondering how much of a difference there really is between the genuine article and the felt one. Last night marked the third time New Material Seinfeld appeared on The Pete Holmes Show. Check out the first two below: