Seth Meyers Takes a Closer Look at Trump Threatening to Delay the Election

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Seth Meyers Takes a Closer Look at Trump Threatening to Delay the Election

It’s Friday. It’s almost the weekend. It’s time to feel good. So no matter what you do, don’t you watch this Seth Meyers clip.


You watched it, didn’t you? After we explicitly told you not to? Well, you deserve whatever kind of misery you’re feeling right now.

Yes, the pandemic is absolutely out of control. Yes, Trump has openly mused about delaying the election this fall. Yes, he endorsed a group of doctors spreading more COVID lies, one of whom apparently believes that alien DNA is used in medicine and that demon sperm causes a litany of health problems. Yes, I want to go lay face down in a puddle for a few hours.

Seriously, that little rundown of everything happening in America right now that Meyers does right after the A Closer Look graphic—from about the 1:12 mark to 1:44 or so—is one of the most soul-crushing things I’ve watched in ages. None of it is new information, but seeing all of that repeated so starkly in such a short period of time is so deflating and depressing. With every new fact and statement that Meyers reels off, the recent, unavoidable feeling that absolutely nothing matters or makes any sense anymore grows stronger. These are the bleakest times I’ve had to live through, and I remember when ALF was cancelled.

Is this latest Closer Look funny? Yeah, at times. Is it constructive in any way? If you aren’t familiar with all the latest Trump madness—which, I realize, it can be hard to keep up with something that’s constantly spinning so quickly and uncontrollably—this could be a useful primer on what to be angry about right now. Beyond that it’s just more catharsis, although things are so dark and miserable at the moment that it’s hard to take any pleasure or relief in catharsis anymore. Jokes won’t save the world. Jokes can’t make things better. Now they might not even make us feel any better. Geez.

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