Seth Meyers Mocks Trump's Recent Attempts to Manage Disasters, Natural and Otherwise

Comedy Video Seth Meyers
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Between Hurricane Irma and DACA, our president has his tiny little hands full at the moment. How unfortunate, then, that the man is “fundamentally unfit for the job of president,” as Seth Meyers illustrated in his signature “A Closer Look” segment on last night’s Late Night.

Meyers lays out in detail Trump’s bizarre inability to even pretend that he’s presidential, looking at everything from his excited-seeming tweet about Hurricane Irma’s magnitude to his asinine description of the Category 4 hurricane as “something that will be not good.” Frightened Floridians who are fleeing their homes—not to mention the folks who have already been hit in the oft-forgotten U.S. territories of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands—must surely be comforted by the thought that their POTUS has a vague understanding of Irma’s not-goodness.

From there, the Late Night host broadens his scope to examine not just the natural disasters on Trump’s plate, but also those of the man-made variety, including his apparent waffling on his DACA decision, Paul Ryan’s continued spinelessness, Nancy Pelosi’s shockingly effective use of Jedi mind tricks, Trump’s love of word salad/his daughter, and so forth. As usual, Meyers catalogues the current administration’s latest carnival of errors with wit and a surprisingly small amount of rage-sobbing (none at all, even), thoroughly supporting his opening claim.

Watch Meyers’ latest “A Closer Look” above.

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