Shame These Pokémon. Shame Them!

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Shame These Pokémon. Shame Them!

When pets do bad things their owners shame them by posting photos on the internet. Only pets don’t know shame, so it’s really just their owners trying to score social media points by doing the popular cute and funny thing in public. Pokémon can’t do bad things because they aren’t real (really! they’re fictional creatures created for a children’s multimedia franchise!), but that doesn’t mean people who want to score social media points can’t go ahead and act like their Pokémon did bad things worth shaming. Those people have been doing it on the internet for months, over a year even, drawing up these cute and funny little sketches of sad Pokémon apologizing for the no-good things that they did. It’s cute. It’s funny. It’s the internet! Remember: Memes don’t die, they just get repurposed and reposted by websites in perpetuity.

Also, remember when Thurston Moore wore that Smokémon shirt? Now that was a meme. Too bad he messed up his band, family and legacy like that.

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