Ziwe Brings Her Most Iconic Queries and Outfits to Showtime

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<I>Ziwe</I> Brings Her Most Iconic Queries and Outfits to Showtime

The most iconic host has just released the trailer for her new Showtime series. Ziwe, featuring interviewer extraordinaire Ziwe Fumudoh, will land on the platform later this spring, featuring a bevy of guest hosts like Bowen Yang, Phoebe Bridgers, Fran Lebowitz, and more. Get ready for musical numbers, up-close-and-personal interviews, stellar outfits, and more from the hilarious Instagram live star.

In the trailer, Ziwe baits stars, but the most important aspect of the show? Her, obviously. She introduces herself, sporting feathery pink gloves and an “I <3 ME” shirt, amongst a sneak peek of some of the questions she’ll be asking. For example: what bothers you more, racism or slow walkers? (A question for Fran Lebowitz, naturally.) But the interviews aren’t all—this isn’t just an Instagram live stream anymore. Look out for sketches with Cristin Milioti and Jane Krakowski, behind-the-scenes clips with plastic surgeons, and plenty of other exciting antics. Ziwe gained a fan following after her bombshell Instagram interviews with pop culture icons last summer, prodding folks like Caroline Calloway, Alison Roman, Rose McGowan, and Alyssa Milano about racism and other biting topics. In the month before Ziwe releases her show, catch up with her and her iconic guests over on the comedian’s Instagram page, thronged with thought-provoking (and, of course, hysterical) content. “I believe in using humor as a tool to shed light on the truth,” Ziwe notes in the trailer, breaking the fourth wall. “But there are some issues that are too sensitive to joke about.” We’ll see about that. Ziwe premieres on Showtime on May 9 at 11/10c. Watch the trailer below.