Keegan-Michael Key Talks About Discovering SNL as a Kid in a Preview of The History of Sketch Comedy

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Keegan-Michael Key Talks About Discovering <i>SNL</i> as a Kid in a Preview of <i>The History of Sketch Comedy</i>

Here’s the kind of history they don’t teach in school: Keegan-Michael Key is hosting a new Audible series on the history of sketch comedy. It’s called, appropriately enough, The History of Sketch Comed, and Audible Plus subscribers can listen to it here starting on Jan. 28.

Okay, thinking about it, they probably do teach this in some kinds of schools. Hell, I watched Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman in a college class, and that was literally over a decade ago. Two, even. At this point you can probably get a bachelor’s degree in The State or The Firesign Theater.

There’s no way you’d have an instructor as qualified as Keegan-Michael Key, though. The classically trained actor and prolific writer and producer co-created what is probably the best sketch comedy show of the 2010s, Key & Peele. Learning about the history of the form from one of its greatest practitioners is a rare treat.

In a press release, Key notes his enthusiasm for the show. “Audible has raised the bar for audio storytelling and I’m excited to take this deep dive into the world of sketch comedy, share some iconic sketches, and show some appreciation to the legends who helped shape this world,” he’s quoted as saying.

Here’s a short preview of what you can expect from The History of Sketch Comedy. Key talks about his own history with sketch, and how his introduction to the concept came through listening to—not watching—1970s Saturday Night Live when he was a child. At its heart it’s a universal story—a kid discovering something that’s new to them and having their mind opened to a whole new realm of possibility. It’s a touching and humorous anecdote.

Listen to the clip below, and check out The History of Sketch Comedy when it launches on Audible tomorrow.

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