Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump Is Returning to SNL

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Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump Is Returning to <i>SNL</i>

Alec Baldwin is coming back to TV to make political impersonations great again. Even with an administration rife with larger-than-life characters practically begging to be impersonated—Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spicer being a perfect example—Baldwin’s Donald Trump SNL sketches have been a true highlight. As SNL returns for its 43rd season, Baldwin’s Trump will definitely be making an appearance.

Baldwin doesn’t want to overdo the character, but the record-breaking 17-time SNL host told CNN that next season, we’ll get “a couple celery sticks” of a painted-orange Baldwin, rather than a “whole meal.” The actor also noted that his busy schedule would get in the way of too many impersonations, but he recognizes that people have enjoyed his caricature of a man who is himself a caricature of a man.

Watch a few Baldwin’s past great Trump moments here and here. You can also revisit the debut of his Donald impersonation below.

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