The Funniest Tweets About The Last Jedi Trailer

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The Funniest Tweets About The Last Jedi Trailer

Just when we think we need to launch a section called Paste Grumps for those of us here getting a little sick of all these Star Wars, something happens to remind us why we cared in the first place. The first teaser trailer for The Last Jedi was released today during Star Wars Celebration, and more than exciting enough to make us get over how badly Disney is milking this cow. It’s got spaceships! And space people. And maybe a laser sword? And all our old friends are there, except for the dead ones, along with new future friends whose origin stories will be in theaters by Christmas 2030. The thrill of Star Wars is as overpowering as ever, its fantasy so alluring in a world on the brink of actual war. (What if we were the Death Star all along?)

As with any major pop culture or real life phenomenon these days, the best resource for discussion on the matter was a website called Twitter. (It’s also an app.) People share their thoughts there, and a lot of those thoughts are about Star Wars movies. Here are some of the best of them? Or at least the funniest. Because you have to keep laughing in the face of war, both the Star and real world kind.

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