Watch a Social-Distancing Stephen Colbert Host The Late Show from His Bathtub

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Watch a Social-Distancing Stephen Colbert Host <i>The Late Show</i> from His Bathtub

Stephen Colbert continued to take on the impossible task of making a late-night show funny in these times of coronavirus on Monday night, manning The Late Show’s desk by way of his bathtub. Leaning into the socially distant surreality of last week’s first-ever audience-less Colbert Late Show episode, the host breaks out the bath puns and delivers his monologue amid the suds, with visual aids (including an illustration of what “flattening the curve” means, footage of the president blathering, etc.), props (a pear and almond cream tart Colbert baked, a can of cannellini beans he’s hoarding, and so on) and everything. At one point, he sings a coronavirus-appropriate version of “YMCA”: “It’s fun to stay at your H-O-M-E / Cuz if you don’t we’ll be D-E-A-D / You can talk to yourself, you can water your plants / You can walk around without pants.” It’s all charmingly silly (and pretty stir-crazy, which, relatable), a little balm for anxiety-ridden times. Watch it from your own bathtub to get the full effect.

Watch The Lather Show with Scrubbin’ Colbath below.

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