Ken Jeong, Shaquille O'Neal to Star in Unscripted TBS Comedy Pilot

Unqualified, as it's working-titled, will follow the duo as they pick up various odd jobs

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Ken Jeong, Shaquille O'Neal to Star in Unscripted TBS Comedy Pilot

In a pairing that you didn’t know you needed but thank goodness it’s about to exist, Ken Jeong and Shaquille O’Neal are heading to TBS, co-starring in an unscripted comedy series.

The series, currently working under the title Unqualified, has been ordered to pilot by the network. It follows the duo’s electric battle earlier this year on Drop The Mic, during which—if you were able focus on anything beyond the sheer size discrepancy of the two combatants—the two pulled no punches and Jeong emerged supreme.

The series will follow the NBA legend and doctor-turned-comedian as they pick up various types of “temporary employment” accessed “via a digital portal,” according to a press release. Not only will those requesting service be entirely unsuspecting, but O’Neal and Jeong may also be kept in the dark regarding the odd jobs they are asked to do—an intriguing idea when categories such as scuba instructors, nude art class models, rent-a-cops and substitute teachers were named as examples.

“These guys made magic on Drop The Mic together. Their chemistry is undeniable,” said Michael Bloom, senior vice president of unscripted and specials for TBS and TNT, in a statement. “And no doubt that magic will extend to the unwitting people who expect anything to get done when they show up.”

The duo will executive produce the series, along with Dave Kneebone, Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim (all three out of Abso Lutely Productions), plus Jensen Karp, Perry Rogers, Colin Smeeton, Mike Perris and Brett Carducci.

“We are built to hustle,” said O’Neal and Jeong. “We’re thankful to TBS for giving us the opportunity to embrace any challenge that comes our way and we hope to surprise everyone with our ability to learn the ropes on the fly.”

Revisit the duo’s rap battle below.

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