The Funniest Tweets About Kobe Bryant's Last Game

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The Funniest Tweets About Kobe Bryant's Last Game

Last night the Golden State Warriors broke the Chicago Bulls’ record for most wins during the NBA regular season. Steph Curry became the first player in history to hit 400 three-pointers in a season—after becoming the only player to hit 300 in a season earlier this year. It was two legitimately historic moments in a single game, which rarely happens in any sport. And all anybody could talk about was a game happening about 370 miles away in Los Angeles, where Kobe Bryant, one of the most unlikable athletes of the modern era, was playing his final NBA game.

Kobe’s ridiculous in so many ways—his self-appointed nicknames, his horrible music career and his selfishness on the court are all legendarily hilarious—and this entire Lakers game felt so contrived and marketing-driven. Yeah, he blew away the record for most points scored by a Hall of Famer in their final game, but he also basically took a shot every time he got the ball, which meant he took a shot every time the Lakers got the ball, as the game plan was always to just pass it immediately to Kobe. (Which, yeah, that’s the Lakers of the last 20 years, basically, we get it.) Add in the rape allegation from 2003, though, and the questionable ways those charges were dropped, and you have a player who’s not just ridiculous but one of the most unlikable men in all of sports. Somehow the media, while hyperventilating over Bryant scoring 60 (ignoring that he missed 28 shots, including 15 three-pointers), largely failed to mention those charges.

The people, though, didn’t forget. They didn’t forget about the sexual misconduct or the absurd nicknames or the sheer unlikability of this player, whose actions soiled his reputation beyond repair. Some of the best and funniest of them took to Twitter to point out Kobe’s flaws, and here are the funniest of those tweets, courtesy of: