Tom Hanks Finds Big's Zoltar Again on The Late Show

Comedy Video Tom Hanks
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Big is the movie that made Tom Hanks a star, netting him his first Oscar nomination for best actor. And even though he’s been nominated and won many times since then, and has become perhaps the most successful and cherished American movie star of all time, there’s nothing quite like the good old days.

That’s why Hanks, fresh off a fantastic turn on SNL, was on The Late Show looking for the magic fortune-telling machine, Zoltar. Unfortunately for Hanks, Colbert’s Zoltar isn’t exactly helpful, mixing up Hanks with his Toy Story co-star Tim Allen and trying to pawn off his script for Big 2: Zoltar’s Quest.

You can watch Hanks try to relive his Big days in the video above.