Watch the Trailer for Tracy Morgan's Comeback Netflix Special Staying Alive

Comedy Video Tracy Morgan
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Since the six-vehicle crash in 2014 that killed a close friend of his and left Tracy Morgan with temporary but traumatic brain injuries, the comedian has kept a relatively low profile.

But, today, Netflix has dropped the trailer for the SNL and 30 Rock star’s first stand-up special since 2014’s Tracy Morgan: Bona Fide, and Morgan isn’t shying away from talking about the accident. In fact, the first joke of the clip has Morgan’s wife telling a doctor that his erratic behavior post-coma isn’t the slightest bit different from his behavior pre-coma.

And that’s sort of the throughline of the minute-long trailer: Morgan finds the funny and joy in something that should be anything but. He points out that he and his youngest daughter learned how to walk at the same time. He tells his constantly praying grandma to cut it out, that he talked to God already and it’s all good. One key moment has Morgan simply saying: “I missed doing this.”

Morgan’s been waiting to return and even in such a small window, his eagerness is easy to spot. See it for yourself above, and catch Morgan’s special on Netflix starting May 16.