The Funniest "DM'd an Ex in Paris" Tweets

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The Funniest "DM'd an Ex in Paris" Tweets

Once in a blue moon a jackass comes along and roasts himself so hard you have no choice but to admire his handiwork. Last night that jackass was Gavin McInnes, the disgraced Vice Media co-founder [and Vice really wants you to know that he hasn’t worked there in any capacity since 2008—Ed.] and original Proud Boy who once blamed Jews for the Holodomor and the Treaty of Versailles, then later said he was just joking. By now we’re all familiar with the story: McInnes messaged an ex-lover on twitter who apparently lives in Paris for whatever reason, asking how on earth her fellow citizens could have elected Emmanuel Macron. What happened next… was an act of divine intervention. Then, as it goes with most acts of divine intervention, everyone took to Twitter to roast him further. Here are the funniest tweets doing just that, from the following tweeters: