The Funniest Tweets About the Trump/Romney Dinner

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The Funniest Tweets About the Trump/Romney Dinner

Here, for my money, is one of the finer passages in Rolling Stone’s final interview with Barack Obama:

“Listen. If you want to persuade me that everything is going to be terrible, then we can talk ourselves into that. Or we can act. It is what it is. There’s been an election. There’s going to be a Trump presidency, and Republicans are going to control Congress. And the question is gonna be, for those like you and I, who care about these issues, do we figure out how to continue to make progress in this environment until we have a chance for the next election. And will we have mobilized ourselves and persuaded enough people that we can get back on a path that we think is going to be helpful for families, helpful for the environment, helpful for our safety and security and rule of law and civil rights and social rights? […] There’s no benefit that’s derived from pulling into a fetal position. We go out there, and we work. And we slog through challenges, and over time things get better.”

And here, for someone else’s money, are some funny tweets about that stupid-ass dinner three evil people had last night: