Watch John Cena Spend 7 Minutes in Heaven With Mike O'Brien

Comedy Video
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Have we reached the point where you don’t even need to know John Cena is a wrestler to be a fan of his? Between his roles in Trainwreck, Sisters and Daddy’s Home he’s appeared in three of the biggest comedies of the year. He had a memorable spot on one of the last episodes of Parks & Recreation and also became one of the biggest memes of the year. He’s come a long way since playing Fred’s dad and wrestling Randy Orton for the thousandth time.

In fact he’s come all the way to Mike O’Brien’s closet. The comedian and Saturday Night Live writer has revived his beloved 7 Minutes in Heaven web series for Above Average, and the first guest is the 15-time World Heavyweight Champion (only one more and he ties the not entirely accurate Ric Flair record as recognized by WWE). It’s everything you look for in an episode of 7 Minutes, but with bigger muscles and ears well on their way to cauliflowering. You can watch the thing above, if you’d like.