Watch Jon Stewart’s Entire Daily Show Career in Two Minutes

Comedy Video
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Ever want to just fast forward through all your time spent at work? Well, you can’t, but now Jon Stewart can.

Stewart took over the Daily Show desk in 1999 and in the 16 years since, the funnyman has done about 2,274 excellent episodes. Now, thanks to Billy Chasen, you can relive Stewart’s entire tenure on the show in just 122 seconds. The must-watch supercut, which you’ll want to see in HD if at all possible, flies through about 19 episodes per second, so buckle up.

Chasen created the fast-paced yet nostalgic video as a tribute to Stewart ahead of the host’s upcoming departure from the Comedy Central show. “I’ve been watching The Daily Show ever since Jon Stewart took over for Craig Kilborn and I declared, ‘this’ll never work!’” Chasen writes. “This is my send-off to his profound impact as host.” And what a send-off it is.

Among other things, the video shows us how history repeats itself—for example, just pause around six seconds (or 114 episodes!) in and keep an eye out for a familiar face (and head of hair) captioned “Hail to the Creep.” And speaking of hair, you can literally watch Stewart’s mane go gray as the clip progresses, presumably thanks to all the nonsense he’s had to reckon with over the years.

Godspeed, Stew Beef. We miss you already.