Zack Fox and Awful Records Save the Talk Show: At a Live Taping of Bruh!

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Zack Fox and Awful Records Save the Talk Show: At a Live Taping of <i>Bruh!</i>

The live talk show format has been done to death. It’s been twisted and subverted so many times that unless you’ve got something particularly interesting to say, it’s often relegated to background noise. Due to the exclusionary, archaic nature of the industry, however, we’ve never really gotten a legitimate black late night talk show since Arsenio. (Not counting the brilliant Eric Andre Show, which is in a category of its own).

That’s why I was so excited to attend last night’s second live taping of Zack Fox’s Red Bull Radio talk show BRUH!. Following a fun (and free) dinner at Downtown LA’s Inko Nito, Jak Knight kicked things off with a quick but raucous stand-up set, aptly warning the crowd that “some fucked up shit is about to be said.” Then Twitter luminary and Awful Records representative Zack Fox came out and said some fucked up shit before interviewing artists Abra, Aminé, Awful Records patriarch Father, and a surprise pop-in by Thundercat.

BRUH! sells itself as “a show about absolutely nothing, influenced by almost everything” and in the crowded market of contrived podcast premises, it’s refreshing to just hear two funny people try to loudly navigate being stoned out of their minds. I’d say put BRUH! on tv, but I don’t want to ruin it. It’s so pure and so fun and it’s a party that really should be experienced live or through headphones. Here are a few pictures from last night’s event, which airs today at 6PM ET/ 3PM PT on And here’s a direct link to make it even easier on you.

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L to R: Abra, Father, Aminé, Jak Knight, Thundercat, Zack Fox

bruh zack fox jak knight.jpg

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Jak Knight

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L to R: Thundercat, Zack Fox

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L to R: Father, Abra