Riverdale Is Jumping Back in Time with Forthcoming Archie 1955 Comic

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Riverdale Is Jumping Back in Time with Forthcoming <i>Archie 1955</i> Comic

Following up last year’s Archie 1941 comic series, Archie Comics is jumping forward a decade to the 1950s with Archie 1955, according to THR.

The comic will see Archie, Veronica, Betty and the gang take on the early days of rock ’n roll as a sequel to Archie 1941. With a total of five issues, Archie 1955 will make it’s rocking way to the shelves Sept. 18 with its first issue.

“For as long as I can remember, rock and roll music has been the soundtrack of my life — almost as big to me as were comic books — and I have long been very interested in the ‘overnight sensations’ such as Elvis, Buddy Holly, and other legends,” co-writer Brian Augustyn tells THR. “So, Archie 1955 comes from a sweet spot of my lifelong fascinations.”

Augustyn will work with Flash co-writer Mark Waid, who also co-wrote Archie 1941. Assisting the writers, artist Tom Grummett will tackle the art and Bob Smith will act as inker for the story.

“As a teen in high school, I had two ambitions: comic book artist and rock star,” Grummett recalls via THR. “My guitar skills being what they were, rock star was pretty much off the table. It’s going to be a kick to explore what might have been through Archie and his friends, at the very birth of rock ‘n roll.”