That Awesome Grant Morrison Green Lantern Rumor Just Got Confirmed

Artist Liam Sharp Will Join Morrison for a “Police Procedural” Take on Hal Jordan

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That Awesome Grant Morrison Green Lantern Rumor Just Got Confirmed

In the months leading up to this weekend’s Comic-Con International: San Diego, whispers abounded on Twitter and sites like Bleeding Cool that DC Comics had one helluva will-powered announcement prepared: legendary Scottish scribe Grant Morrison and The Brave and the Bold: Batman and Wonder Woman writer/artist Liam Sharp would join forces on an ongoing Green Lantern series starring Hal Jordan. This morning, IGN confirmed the news, with their exclusive first look at The Green Lantern #1, a brand-new series that steers away from the years-long, ever-escalating stakes of the Green Lantern titles to focus on Jordan’s everyday life patrolling the galaxy.

The Green Lantern #1 Cover Art by Liam Sharp

We won’t further spoil IGN’s scoop—you should head over to their exclusive reveal for additional art and direct quotes from Morrison and Sharp—but this is an early contender for best news out of SDCC. Morrison is of course the genius mind behind the best JLA run of all time, the quintessential Man of Steel thesis All-Star Superman, an era-defining stint on Batman and dozens of other unimpeachable entries in the DC canon. He hasn’t scripted a regular monthly title for DC since 2011’s Action Comics relaunch, sticking instead to special projects like Multiversity. Sharp has contributed to the publisher for years, but recently upped his visibility working on Greg Rucka’s Wonder Woman saga, and IGN’s early look at his art brings to mind Green Lantern greats like Dave Gibbons and Neal Adams.

While the Green Lantern corner of the DCU has remained popular since Geoff Johns overhauled the franchise in 2005, the rainbow-hued space opera has become increasingly complicated and difficult to parse for new readers, with no fewer than six humans slinging rings. Returning to the core concept of a super-powered cop in space—more police procedural than constant string of universe-ending threats—may finally give the series a place to go after years of operating at a constant 11. For more SDCC news as it becomes available (even if it’s not as cool as this announcement), stay tuned to Paste.

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