Mike Mignola is Back With a New Vampire Graphic Novel

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Mike Mignola is Back With a New Vampire Graphic Novel

Nearly a year after Hellboy in Hell wrapped, the legendary Mike Mignola has announced a new comic project. io9 broke the news yesterday that Mignola is teaming up with Warwick Johnson-Cadwell (Helena Crash) on the vampire tale Mr. Higgins Comes Home. Scheduled to release this fall from publisher Dark Horse, this comic notably takes place outside of the cartoonist’s Hellboy-centric “Mignolaverse.”

With art from Johnson-Cadwell and written solely by Mignola, the new project tells the story of two vampire hunters convincing a man to confront his past at a place called Castle Golga, revisiting the site of his wife’s tragic death. Mignola told io9 in a statement:

I’d been a fan of Warwick’s work for a very long time. I met him recently, discovered he had a fondness for sad werewolves, and that got the ball rolling for Mr. Higgins. This one is a very affectionate (and obvious) nod to the old Hammer Dracula films and my favorite vampire film of them all, Roman Polanski’s The Fearless Vampire Killers.

Mr. Higgins Comes Home arrives in comic stores on Oct. 25, followed by an appropriately timed wider release in bookstores on Halloween. Check out the book’s cover by Mignola and colorist Dave Stewart below.

higgins cover.png

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