Away Is Revolutionizing Modern Travel, and We're in Love

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Away Is Revolutionizing Modern Travel, and We're in Love

I was on the train home from a redeye flight into JFK with an almost dead phone when I saw Away’s ads. The first one I noticed showed a man charging his phone right from his suitcase. I looked down at my trusted Everlane weekender tucked between my feet, then at the little red battery at the top right corner of my phone. I’ve always loved sticking with brands and products, but the envy I felt towards that man in the photo surpassed all of that. And I got my first piece of Away luggage.

With a promise of first class luggage at a coach price, Away’s aesthetic is clean and cool—from its ads to packaging and product. Opting for The Carry-On in black, it arrived in a box that, when opened, greeted you with a sweet vacation scene and well-designed papers urging you to get to know your new BFF (and trust me, a piece of luggage like this has full potential to be just that). The suitcase itself is sleek and minimal, its exterior made out of pure Makrolon polycarbonate, meaning it’s unbreakable, lightweight, all the good stuff. It also doesn’t have any of those bulky exterior pockets, fitting everything you need nicely inside instead.


Inside, the left of the suitcase has a zippered mesh enclosure, perfect for things you can’t squish, like the unnecessary amount of shoes I always pack. And the right side, complete with a compression pad, effortlessly stores clothes and other items. Bonus points for a mesh pocket to slide your laptop into and especially the water-resistant removable laundry bag. It was the first time I didn’t get stressed about having to shove a still half wet bathing suit back into my bag.

Of course, my initial draw to the bag didn’t disappoint either. There’s a little lid under the bag’s handle that flips up to reveal the mecca of modern travel. That’s right, USB capabilities. You use the micro-USB port to charge your suitcase, then one of the two USB ports to charge up, anytime, anywhere. You can even choose from standard speed charging or super speedy with a 2.1A output.


Tucking my beloved old weekender into the closet, I headed to the airport with my new piece of Away luggage when my next trip came around—zipping through the subway, security and the gates easier than ever (Away can roll on two wheels or all four making getting through tight city spots seamless). And if you’re not a total jetsetter, the bag comes with a duster for storage, or just looks good sitting in your room.

Check out the gallery to see some of our favorite Away features and moments, including their new sticker collection to make your bag uniquely yours. You can also take a look for yourself here, or shop it irl if you’re in New York or Los Angeles. But get on it quick, Away’s not far, well, away from becoming the new staple of modern travel.