Can You Really Help the World by Buying Art? Artist Enoc Perez Aims to Do Just That

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Can You Really Help the World by Buying Art? Artist Enoc Perez Aims to Do Just That

Unless you’ve managed to live under a rock for the past few weeks (in which case, congrats!), you are well aware that lately the world has not been quite… peaceful or ideal, to put it mildly. At times like these, it may be hard for us to feel hopeful or in control, often feeling that we don’t know how to really help. Thankfully, there are simple actions that anyone can take to encourage peaceful humanitarian change. Art has long had a way of healing in the midst of chaos. In a peaceful fashion, artwork demands a dialogue about current world issues. It is not solely the artists reaping the benefits of their work themselves, but also the viewers connect to themes reflecting the current human condition. Connection and feeling understood is the cornerstone of society, art acts as glue that can connect people all across the world with inspiring, and at times beautiful, artwork.

Enoc Perez, a Puerto Rican born, NYC-based artist, is known for his exploration of “utopian ideals” through his paintings of architectural icons. Seeing that today’s world is far from being classified as utopian and is in need of considerate healing, Enoc Perez is contributing to its healing by hosting an online auction through Paddle8. All proceeds will benefit the charity organization, Sandy Hook Promise. Formed after the tragic 2012 violence at Sandy Hook Elementary, SHP aims to prevent gun violence before it happens through educational programs “on how to identify, intervene and get help for children and teens in a mental health crisis or displaying at-risk behavior that may result in an individual hurting themself or others.” SHP also advocates for sensible prevention polices but as the artist himself explains, “This isn’t a political issue, but something completely real… I can’t begin to imagine what those parents must have gone through. As a father of two kids, the Sandy Hook Promise mission touched me deeply.”

paddle81.jpg Untitled (small phantom) by Richard Dupont

Nine works of art will be available for purchase during the online auction that goes live on Monday, July 18th until Monday, August 1 at 5 p.m., giving ample time to bidders. All bidding and other auction action will take place online at Padddle8. Paddle8 is an online auction platform that aims to disrupt the traditional methods of buying art, reaching a global level of collectors and making it easy for first-time buyers to feel in control of their bids. All of the artists contributing work are exceptionally respected contemporary art stars. Enco Perez has enlisted; Ryan McGinness, Rashid Johnson, Richard Dupont, Carlos Rolon, BP Laval, Angel Otero and Marcel Dzama. No matter how new or seasoned an art collector you may be, it’s crystal clear that not only would you be making a smart investment by buying any of these artworks but you will also be contributing to a charity set up to help our world become a more peaceful place.

This auction’s rooster consists of solely “au courant” successful artists that add a lively tone to this competitive sale. Each individual artist (and their work) open a different portal to unique and important social conversations.

paddle82.jpg Community+Identity+Stability+Somo by Ryan McGinness

Ryan McGinness and Rashid Johnson bring light to immensely up-to-date conversations through their art works, McGinness is known for graphic colorfully bold pieces that use simple commercial iconography to convey layers of deeper meanings while Johnson creates conceptual work where race and racism are explored, often separately so as to avoid identity labels and speak to the universal effects of inequality and humanitarian causes.

paddle83.jpg Untitled by Rashid Johnson

Carlos Rolon focuses on intricately concocted paintings and his contributing piece, a color silkscreen made with enamel ink and diamond dust reflects the themes of imagined luxury, integration and institutions that he explores through his work. Richard Dupont’s Untitled (small phantom) is a somewhat eerie drawing that was likely made involving a 3-D digital model of a hand, as Dupont is known to do. Marcel Dzama’s contribution is a painting entitled, Delightful Sinner, which cheekily reflects his distinctive embrace of muted colors.

paddle84.jpg Delightful Sinner by Marcel Dzama

Angel Otero and BP Laval round out the group with fresh unexpected style. Otero’s abstract works are rich with texture while Laval’s an erotic painting a day is something that he started on twitter and still continues, sharing an erotic drawing on a digital platform every day.

Enoc Perez himself contributed a 2010 painting entitled, Bank of China Tower, which shows the tower glimmering in all its glory at night, acting as a beacon of light that cuts through the dark.

Perez’s work personifies pure beauty and reveals the true potential that this world really has. Art is much more than just something nice to look at on walls, art has the power to connect, to change for the better and to positively impact all those who come into contact with it.