Where Cute Meets Convenience: Welcome Back, Fanny Packs

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Where Cute Meets Convenience: Welcome Back, Fanny Packs

Love them or hate them, fanny packs are back and better than ever.

Slowly shunned since their golden days in the mid 90s, fanny packs have officially made their grand runway return. True, some retailers and designers have done a bit of rebranding, so to speak. You might have to search for “side pack” or “waist bag,” but the design is all the same. For our part, we call them what they are—motherf@cking fanny packs.

The fanny pack’s return to style-grace should come as a surprise to no one. Like skirts with pockets, fanny packs glow with an irresistible convenience. As anyone who’s ever been to the club knows, carrying around a purse while you’re trying to dance kind of totally sucks. Do you sling it over your shoulder? Clutch it in your hand? Next time you hit the dance floor, try bringing a bedazzled fanny pack instead, and enjoy the life-changing freedom. Trust us. Once you go pack, you never go back.

We have plenty of club and festival-worthy fanny packs in our gallery, but it turns out fanny pack fashion transcends style borders. We’ve got packs for strategic outdoor hiking, packs for a mobile boombox experience (the self-titled “Jammy Packs”) and even packs for young professionals looking to spice up a basic office wardrobe. Seriously, there are very few instances in life in which a fanny pack is not the perfect butt buddy. Maybe a funeral.

Sparkly, sleek, leather, fringe, vintage, weather-resistant, fuzzy—whatever your fanny pack preference, we’ve got you covered. Click through the gallery to find your new favorite summer accessory.