Five Instagram Accounts Dedicated to TV's Most Beloved Fashionistas

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Ever since streaming services came about, binging old television shows have become just about everyone’s favorite weekend activity. As fun as it is to revisit old characters and storylines, ever binged an old show and couldn’t help exclaiming over the ridiculous vintage fashion? These Instagram accounts are dedicated to all those style moments by chronicling the looks from TV’s most fashionable.

1. @everyoutfitonsatc

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With over 340K followers including Sarah Jessica Parker herself, @everyoutfitonsatc is the obvious and clear number one account fashion nerds should be following. The account handlers are highly educated on fashion history, and they're not afraid to dish out some serious snark as they lovingly (and sometimes not-so-lovingly) mock the fashion on Sex and the City.

2. @whatfranwore

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??????Erez Military Style Suit ??????

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Flexing their fashionista chops, @whatfranwore identifies every designer skirt suit and mini dress worn by the fabulous Fran Fine on The Nanny. Spoiler alert: Fran loves Moschino, and wears a lot of it.

3. @tasteofstreep

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it was 80° today so take full advantage & pour yourself some lemonade with a lil kick ????

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Ok, so we may have cheated a little by adding this account to the list. Meryl Streep is an accomplished Oscar-winning actress, not a television star and the emphasis on this account is food (yes food), but because @tasteofstreep deliciously fuses Meryl's fashion into pictures of food we say it counts, and it's amazing.

4. @buffythestyleslayer

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Buffy is looking the Joan Cleaver part here and showing no indication at all that she's as annoyed as she should be at the total lack of rosé on this picnic blanket. But clearly her white bread boring new boyfriend has her convinced that daytime park dates are somehow more fun than ones that take place at night in a graveyard and with someone that identifies with pastimes more interesting than just driving around and doing literally nothing. Her pastel pashmina can at least be used for self defense by way of strangulation whereas wtf would Riley do if he were to scuff his crisp white tennies? Or wrinkle his powder blue Oxford? Or grass stain his unironic dad jeans? He's not the one, Buffy. Move along. • • • • • • #buffythevampireslayer #btvs #ootd #josswhedon #whedonverse #90skids #style #buffyverse #buffy #slayer #slay #vsco #90sfashion #retroclothing #throwbackfashion #buffyslays20 #sarahmichellegellar #smg @sarahmgellar #rileyfinn #roseallday

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Buffy Summers is tv's resident demon fighting teen that slays fashion as easily as she slays a vampire. @buffythestyleslayer follows the same model of @everyoutfitonsatc by documenting the distinct style displayed on Buffy the Vampire Slayer while adopting a more jokey and juvenile tone to describe each look.

5. @sabrinaspellmanstyle

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Sabrina is wearing a Bodycon Velvet Dress from Betsey Johnson. I found the dress on eBay if anyone is interested. Link is in the bio.

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From the same genius that blessed us with fashions of Fran Fine, comes @sabrinaspellmanstyle. The account not only identifies designer pieces worn by everyone’s favorite Teenage Witch, but tracks them down on eBay and provides a like for followers to shop themselves.