The Definitive Emoji Alphabet

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The Definitive Emoji Alphabet

Alphabets made out of playful images are a staple of every childhood classroom. In an iPhone-obsessed world, this translates to alphabet letters made of emojis.

Graphic designer Christopher Rouleau started the #emojialphabetproject on Instagram, rolling out a new letter each day. He created the designs in the iPhone Notes app, using each emoji as one pixel. Each letter is composed of emojis starting with that letter; for example, “B” is made of bears, bees, bows and balloons, and “W” is made of waves, whales and watermelon. And yes, the world’s best emoji, the smiling pile of poo, is used for “P.”

From Twitter accounts that use emojis to summarize a movie to artist-approved emoji music videos, it’s safe to say we’re obsessed with the bubbly little images. With a more diverse palette coming soon, we can’t wait to start holding conversations in emojis only.