10 Alternatives to Beer

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10 Alternatives to Beer

The year was 1993. I remember it fondly. The Beastie Boys’ Ill Communication was playing constantly on the stereo of my ’76 Cadillac, I had killer sideburns and Coors had just launched Zima, that clear malt beverage that tasted like a boozy Sprite. Zima was marketed as an alternative to beer, which was right up my alley since, at the tender age of “I’m not telling,” I hadn’t developed an appreciation for beer yet. I liked the cause and effect of beer (me doing something stupid at a house party and ultimately throwing up in someone’s car) but not the taste of beer. So I went looking for alternatives and found Zima, which I decided was way worse than even the nastiest of beers, and promptly went back to my Busch Light.

Luckily, the alcohol industry is always looking for a way to accommodate those would-be drinkers who simply don’t dig beer. Sometimes called “alcopop,” these alternative beverages typically enjoy “flash in the pan” status, making a splash, then fading away. Some options have staying power (I don’t think this hard cider trend is going to leave us anytime soon) while others disappear almost entirely. Zima, for instance, was discontinued in the states several years ago. I hear you can still get it in Japan, though.

We’ve compiled a gallery for 10 Alternatives to Beer. Some of these are palatable, while others are outlandish (we’re looking at you Miller Sparks).