10 Beers for Ski Bums

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10 Beers for Ski Bums

It’s ski season, that beautiful time of year when a small portion of the human beings obsess over the weather, rearrange their schedules according to precipitation and count the number of days they get to spend on the mountain. True skiers will think about nothing but skiing for a solid three to five months, depending on where they live. Sometimes they drink beer. So they should have a beer that allows them to think about skiing while they’re drinking it. Right? This gallery is for the ski bums out there. Long live powder days.

Yard Sale

Uinta Brewing
The "yard sale" is one of the most embarrassing things that can happen to you on a ski hill. You crash, your gear goes everywhere. It happens. I recommend drinking six of these winter lagers after you collect all your gear from the mountain.

Season Pass

Uinta Brewing
Dude, you get your pass yet? This vanilla porter honors the single biggest investment most ski bums will ever make in a fiscal year.

Shane McConkey IPA

Crazy Mountain Brewing
When you lived life as big as freeskiing legend Shane McConkey, you get a beer named after you. This beer is unfiltered, "the same way Shane lived his life," according to Crazy Mountain.

Snow King

Snake River Brewing
Jackson Hole (the town) has a ski hill on the edge of downtown that's a favorite with locals looking to get laps in before or after work. This beer, from Jackson's Snake River, honors that little mountain.

Out of Bounds Stout

Avery Brewing
I don't know who the skier on this label is, but he/she's badass. The beer, all rich and roasty, is badass too. Avery also collaborated with Freeskier mag this year for their Pow Day IPA.

Freeride APA

Alaskan Brewing
Alaskan goes classic with this pale, brewed with Cascade, Citra and Centennial hops. Also, glacier water.

Single Chair

Magic Hat
I've never had the pleasure of riding a single chair—apparently, there are only a couple in the entire country. Magic Hat honors the single chair at Mad River Glen with this golden ale.

Ski Bum

Ellicottville Brewing
This brewery is surrounded by some legit ski resorts, and when you have legit skiing you have legit ski bums.

Slopestyle Winter IPA

Boulder Beer
A "cold weather" IPA that blends the malt of a red ale with the pine kick of an IPA.

Big Drift White IPA

Tamarack Brewing Yard Sale Ale
A lot of Montana-based Tamarack Brewing's beers allude to skiing. This one's a hybrid brewed with citrus peels, coriander, candied ginger and a hell of a lot of hops.
Tamarack Brewing