Cheers to the Super Bowl Host City

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Cheers to the Super Bowl Host City

We tend to spend a lot of time focusing on the home towns of the teams squaring off in the Super Bowl, with breweries and distilleries waging bets and articles that pit Atlanta’s beers against New England’s beers. But what about the host city, Houston, Texas? It’s been largely overlooked in all the Super Bowl hype. But then, that’s the story with Houston. It’s one of the largest cities in the country, but has traditionally been cast off as a cultural wasteland. A suburban nothing when compared to its hip cousin Austin, or hell, even Dallas. But Houston has quietly become a city worth paying attention to, especially when it comes to craft beer. We’ve picked five places for you to grab a beer if you’re lucky enough to be in Houston for the Super Bowl.

Saint Arnold

is the city's original craft brewery, shipping their first beer in 1994. At that time, Houston was the largest city in the country without its own craft brewery.

8th Wonder

: Did you know some people call Houston's Astrodome the 8th Wonder of the World? This brewery borrowed the name as an homage and even used some of the old seating from the stadium. They like their cream ales at 8th Wonder. Go with the Dome Faux'm. The taproom is pretty dope too. Sometimes they have crab racing. Really.


was recently purchased by Anheuser-Busch InBev, but the brewery has become a bit of a community center in the last five years.

Lone Pint Brewery

, which is powered by renewable energy (naturally, the spent grains are used to feed local cows). It's a no-frills taproom (think "industrial chic" without the "chic").

Eureka Heights

is part of the new wave of Houston breweries, opening shop last year. It's named for the fault line that runs through Houston. The expansive taproom has foosball (awesome) and denim koozies (awesomer). They focus on sessionable beers, which is perfect for Super Bowl weekend.