Booze Movies: 5 Documentaries about Wine

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Booze Movies: 5 Documentaries about Wine

The culture around wine is shrouded in fancy words and an often uptight attitude, making it a daunting field to delve into. For those who would like to sip some information, here are five fun documentaries about the fermented grape juice. Educational videos are ideal for those who are audio-visual learners, and for the olfactory-gustatory students, pop open a bottle of Merlot while viewing.

SOMM (2012)

Director: Jason Wise
Streaming on Netflix

1 wine movie.jpg

Becoming a Sommelier is not an easy task, as amusingly depicted in this easy to watch movie. This lighthearted documentary follows four aspiring American sommeliers as they prepare for their MS exam. While watching this movie won’t make you a Somm, it’ll help you fake an upturned nose while sniffing wine.

A Year in Burgundy (2013)

Director: David Kennard
Streaming on Netflix

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Documentarian David Kennard follows the vineyard of Burgundy through their four seasons. The film delves into the families, the viticulture, and the customs that surround renowned Burgundian wine.

Red Obsession (2013)

Directors: Warwick Ross, David Roach
Streaming on YouTube ($6.99)

3 wine movie.jpeg

All around the world, people love wine, but the growing Chinese economy is perhaps thirstier for it than others. This highly acclaimed documentary shows the almost romantic passion that China has for red wine, and how that mass market affects the landscape of the grape.

A Year in Champagne (2014)

Director: David Kennard
Streaming on Netflix

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David Kennard returns with another film for oenophiles and film buffs. The documentary, Champagne takes viewers on a 360 day trip to the region of Champagne, getting to know the family winemakers and the vines as they change with the seasons, and the path of the wine from grape to bottle.

SOMM: Into the Bottle (2016)

Director: Jason Wise
Streaming on ITunes ($12.99)

5 wine movie.jpg

A sequel of sorts to Wise’s first documentary, SOMM: Into the Bottle gives a lighthearted, behind the scenes window into the methods, people, and perhaps, frivolities of wine.

Madina Papadopoulos is a New York-based freelance writer, author and regular contributor to Paste. You can follow her drink adventures on Instagram and Twitter.