5 Halloween Cocktails

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Forget the candy this Halloween. You’re an adult, which means you should drink your calories. If you’re like me, then you’ll spend Halloween shepherding your kids around the neighborhood, trying to convince the strongest one that pulling a small cooler of beer is an integral part of his Batman costume. But maybe you’re not like me. Maybe you’ll spend Halloween sitting around your house/apartment/van handing out candy to a constant barrage of princesses and superheroes, and the occasional kid who’s too smart for his own good and comes to your door dressed up like Salvador Dali (true story).

If this is your lot in life, then you need a festive cocktail to give All Hallow’s Eve a good kick in the throat. We have five Halloween cocktail recipes that are guaranteed to help you get wicked. Invite some friends over. Put “Monster Mash” on repeat, and be careful handling that dry ice.


bacardi nocturno.jpg

2 parts Bacardi
1 part Coffee Liqueur
Orange Peel

Directions: Fill a tumbler with ice. Pour rum and coffee liqueur into the glass and stir. Cut a round “coin” of orange peel and hold a lighted match just above the drink. Then hold the orange peel above the lighted match and squeeze the peel over the flame. Drop the twist into the drink. It adds a smoky quality to the cocktail.

Flaming Pumpkin

flaming pumpkin.jpg

1/3 shot Kahlua
1/3 shot Bailey’s Irish Cream
1/3 shot Goldschlager

Directions: Layer the shot with Kahlua on the bottom, Bailey’s in the middle and tequila on top. Light the tequila on fire and sprinkle the drink with cinnamon. You’re supposed to blow the shot out before you drink it, but this is Halloween, so I think you should live a little.

Sleepy Hollow

Created by Josh Mazza, The Gilroy, NYC
Photo by Jenny Lederer

1 ½ oz. Black Grouse Blended Scotch Whiskey
¾ oz. Bittermans Coffee Liqueur
½ oz. Ancho Reyes Chili Liqueur
2 ½ oz. Almond Milk

Directions: Build into a Tiki mug. Add 1 pellet dry ice. Garnish with grated chocolate.

Haunted Hacienda

Created by John Henderson

1 ½ parts Pisco Portón
¾ part sweet vermouth
1 dash Angostura bitters
1 Campari ice cube*

Directions: In a short rocks glass, combine Pisco Portón, sweet vermouth and dash of Angostura bitters. Place the Campari ice cube in glass and if desired, garnish with a small pinch of pink salt. As the salt hits the cube, it will spur the Campari cube to melt.

Campari ice cube: Overnight, freeze a mixture of Campari and water, at a ratio close to 50:50

Wicked Witch Apple Punch

wicked witch apple punch campari america.jpg

1 750 ml bottle SKYY Infusions Passion Fruit
1 750 ml bottle Sparkling Apple Cider
1 64 oz. bottle Cranberry Juice Cocktail
1 Liter Ginger Ale
2 cups Pineapple Juice
Red Apple Slices

Directions:Combine all ingredients in a large black witch’s cauldron with ice and stir. Garnish with large slices of red apple floating on top and dry ice.