Highland Brewing is Having a Moment

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Highland Brewing is Having a Moment

Sometimes, you just have to shake things up a bit. Get a new haircut. Start wearing ascots and skinny jeans. Highland Brewing has been at it for almost 25 years, and has decided to get a new haircut, so to speak.

Highland, which was the first brewery in the South’s anointed Beer City (Asheville, NC), has just launched a complete refresh of their brand. New logos, new packaging, even a few new beers are making their way into the lineup. At the same time, Highland’s director, Leah Wong Ashburn, was just made a semi-finalist in the annual James Beard Awards, in the category of Outstanding Wine, Spirits or Beer Professional.

Highland is truly having a moment. Take a look at a handful of photos from the re-branding of one of the South’s most cherished breweries.