It’s Gin and Tonic Day, So...

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It’s Gin and Tonic Day, So...

Yes, that’s a thing. I think a lot of people think of gin as a hot-weather spirit (and it certainly has a long association with tropical locales), but in the US it’s worth noting that citrus fruits (a main component of gin’s unique flavor and one of its most common cocktail companions, including in the G&T and the gimlet) are actually winter-season produce. So maybe it’s time to put gin in the limelight (as it were) for fall.

The recipe for a gin and tonic is super complicated: pour chilled gin into glass, top with tonic and a lime wedge; drink. It’s a classic for a reason. And any of the gins below are great options for that treatment, but we’ll also offer some next-level suggestions.

MALFY, already a very citrus-forward gin, has recently added to the swelling ranks of Gins That Are Pink with a grapefruit infused version (MALFY Rosa), and also a very pretty, sunset-colored blood orange concoction (MALFY Con Arancia). Both are primo options for the basic G&T, but they offered us some alternatives you might want to consider if you’re feeling citrusy.

Three Cocktails with MALFY Rosa

Italian Pink Lemonade

malfy pink.jpeg

2 oz. MALFY Rosa
1 oz. Limoncello (Sorrento is recommended; choose your own adventure)
3 oz. Club soda

Directions: Mix MALFY Rosa with limoncello in an ice-filled highball glass then top up with club soda and garish with a wedge of lime and raspberry.

Pink Gin Fizz

malfy gin fizz.jpeg

1.5 oz. MALFY Rosa
3 oz. Prosecco

Directions: Mix MALFY Rosa with Prosecco in flute then garnish with a grapefruit twist. The maker recommends Sicilian grapefruit but let’s assume your option is likely to be a good ol’ Texas Ruby.

MALFY Rosa Pink Gin & Tonic

malfy rosa.jpeg

2 oz. MALFY Rosa
3 oz. Tonic water

Directions: Mix MALFY Rosa with tonic water in ice-filled goblet. Garnish with a fresh wedge of grapefruit and sprig of rosemary.

Three Cocktails with MALFY Con Arancia

Sicilian Sour

malfy con sicilian.jpeg

2 oz. MALFY Con Arancia
1 oz. Fresh lime juice
1 dash Simple syrup
1 dash Angostura Bitters
2 dashes Orange Bitters

Directions: Mix MALFY Con Arancia with fresh lime juice, then add simple syrup, Angostura bitters and orange bitters. Serve over ice in a tumbler and garnish with a strip of orange.

La Bella Vista

malfy bella.jpeg

2 oz. MALFY Con Arancia
3 oz. Fresh grapefruit juice
Splash of club soda

Directions: Pour MALFY Con Arancia over ice in a highball glass then add fresh grapefruit juice and a splash of club soda. Stir and garnish with a fresh wedge of orange.

MALFY Con Arancia & Tonic

malfy tonic.jpeg

2 oz. MALFY Con Arancia
3 oz. Tonic water

Directions: Mix MALFY Con Arancia with tonic water in ice-filled highball glass. Garnish with a fresh wedge of orange.

Meanwhile, KOVAL has introduced a cranberry “gin liqueur” that plays nicely with a range of cocktail ingredients. It’s got a very old-fashioned sensibility…my first thought when I tasted it was “flappers would drink this.”

Two Cocktails with KOVAL Cranberry Gin Liqueur

The Aperitivo

kov Apertivo.jpg

1.5 oz. KOVAL Cranberry Gin Liqueur
1 oz. Dry Gin
.75 oz. Campari

Directions: Build in tumbler drink glass over ice. Add lemon zest and mint sprig.

Harvest Fizz

kov Fizz.jpg

1 oz. KOVAL Cranberry Gin
.75 oz. KOVAL Dry Gin
.5 oz. simple syrup
.5 oz. fresh lemon juice
Egg white
1.5 oz. soda water

Directions: Shake without ice (“dry shake”) which helps foam up the egg white. Then add ice, shake again and strain the mixture into a highball glass without ice. Add soda to top. Garnish with citrus twist & sugared cranberry. Drink quickly!

And, finally, from The Botanist, a few options that lean on savory herbs as well as friends in the citrus family.

One Cocktail with The Botanist Gin

The Honey Harvest

honey harvest botanist.jpg

2 oz. The Botanist Gin
1 oz. Fresh Lime Juice
.75 oz. Sweet Vermouth
.5 oz. Rosemary Honey Syrup
5 Sprigs Fresh Rosemary

To make Rosemary Honey Syrup: Combine .5 cups of fresh honey and 4 rosemary sprigs in a small pot. Add .5 cups of hot water, cover and steep for 10 minutes

To make cocktail: Combine The Botanist Gin, fresh lime juice, sweet vermouth and rosemary honey syrup in a cocktail shaker. Add ice and shake. Strain into highball glass with ice. Garnish with rosemary sprigs.