Take a Virtual Tour of Lagunitas in Petaluma, California

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Take a Virtual Tour of Lagunitas in Petaluma, California

Lagunitas was originally founded in 1993 on the kitchen stove of its founder, Tony Magee. Tony was quickly evicted from his wife’s kitchen and forced to relocate to a building down the road in Forest Knolls, California. However, since Lagunitas was already on all his licensing paperwork, and because it’s fun to say, Magee decided to keep the name.

Lagunitas was in Forest Knolls for eight months before a septic issue forced relocation again, and Magee found a spot in Petaluma where the brewery has remained ever since.

Today, Lagunitas is a massive operation, where much of its beer is available year round around the country. While the brewery is definitely best known for its iconic IPA, it also makes a number of other equally tasty brews that are worthy of a spot in your fridge.

We recently took a tour of Lagunitas’ Petaluma facility—something we definitely recommend you do as well if you’re ever in the area. Take a look at the gallery for a taste of what we saw.