5 Outdoor Drinking Games For Memorial Day

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5 Outdoor Drinking Games For Memorial Day

Hopefully, you’ve done your research and stocked your cooler with the perfect beer for the Memorial Day weekend. The next step is to plan some light athletics. I’m talking about drinking games built for the beach and backyard. Here are our picks for the best five drinking games for the holiday weekend.


Call it Beersbee, or Frisbeer, or Polish Horseshoes…whatever the name, the rules are simple. You've got two poles about 35 feet apart with targets on top. Try to knock your opponents target off the pole with your Frisbee. There's an elaborate scoring system with catches and whatnot, but that's basically it.

Glow in the Dark Cornhole

Because it sucks having to call a good game of cornhole just because the sun goes down. There are a handful of different companies that match LED bean bags with LED boards for tons of nighttime fun. Or you could go all Pinterest and figure it out yourself.

Slip n' Flip

I'm not sure who thought of this game first, but that person is a genius. Take a super long Slip n' Slide and put a flip cup table at the end of it. Slide, then flip your way through the cups. It's a team relay that hinges on cardio, bravery and fine motor skills.


You've got a big stump, some nails and a hammer. And some beers. You definitely need beers. Flip the hammer in the air, catch it and immediately try to hammer your nail into the stump. Pass the hammer to the next player and carry on until your nail is hammered all the way into the stump. There are tons of rules and nuance to the game, but the important thing is that you're hammering and drinking.

Giant Beer Pong

It's beer pong, but bigger. You could whip up your own DIY version with trash cans, or paint buckets and a volleyball, or you could go with Bear Pong, which is a whole kit with weighted buckets, carrying case, and official ball.
Bear Pong

Drink Stands

Whatever game you decide to play this weekend, get a couple of these swanky drink stands. Because you're classy and there's no need to actually hold your beer like an animal.