Hunting Lost Apples With Shacksbury Cider

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Hunting Lost Apples With Shacksbury Cider

If you want to make great cider, you have to use great apples. Nobody knows that more than the makers of Shacksbury Cider, in Vermont. The co-founders, Colin Davis and David Dolginow, have created a Lost Apple Project, where they scout Vermont’s landscape for forgotten apple varieties that during a period of America’s history when the young country was crazy about cider. While most apple farms only grow a handful of varieties today, in the mid-1800s farmers had cultivated thousands of distinct varieties. Shacksbury finds the remnants of these lost apples, harvests a percentage of what they find and grafts sections of the stellar trees to plant in their Lost Apple Orchard, so they can bring the best cider-making varieties back to life.

We haven’t had the chance to try the result of Shacksbury’s Lost Apple Project, which they release every September as bottles of “Lost and Found.” But considering their Farmhouse cider landed at number 11 on our big cider tasting.
Check out the gallery for a peak at Shacksbury’s innovative Lost Apple Project.