13 Cocktails With Their Own San Francisco Murals

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13 Cocktails With Their Own San Francisco Murals

What do cocktails and murals have in common? For one bar in San Francisco, they’re both on the menu. San Francisco-based Trick Dog just released its ninth menu, a collaboration between the bar and 14 local artists.

The artists painted 14 different sanctioned public murals around the city, each corresponding to a new cocktail on the bar’s menu that’s named after the artists. A fine mural was painted by all of artists and is on display on the front of the bar. The 14th mural is also the cover of a book that Trick Dog is selling with all the murals inside, as well as the menu.

While the book will be used for six months as Trick Dog’s cocktail menu, this limited release will also be sold during that time with proceeds benefiting two local San Francisco non-profits: Precita Eyes, whose mission is to, “Enrich and beautify urban environments and educate communities locally and internationally about the process and history of public community mural art,” and Creativity Explored, whose mission is to, “Give artists with developmental disabilities the means to create and share their work with the community, celebrating the power of art to change lives.”

Curious what all the murals look like? You can see each one and the cocktail named after its artist in the gallery above. Each picture also has the location where it’s located in San Francisco, if you happen to be in town and want to check them out in person.