Netflix's Chef's Table Looks as Tasty and Illuminating as Ever in New Season Three Trailer

Food Video Chef's Table
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A dish composed of moose lips. A chef who cooks for a monastery. A restaurant whose many food items come together to become a “symbol of Peru.”

Such are but a few of the intrigues and surprises in store for fans of Chef’s Table, which will be returning for a third, six-episode season next week. Ahead of this debut, a trailer for the forthcoming season has arrived, and the show looks like it’ll continue doing what it has done so well up until this point: subvert our expectations about what food is and should be, foregrounding the presentation of dishes as much as their taste, the person of the chef as much as the ingredients that go into the pot. For Chef’s Table, food has never been just a consumer item but an art that deserves our deepest and sincerest inquiry. The show’s state-of-the-art production values and fascinating array of chefs/subjects have done multitudes to convey the results of this inquiry to viewers with maximum eloquence. Based on the new trailer, it appears that the show won’t be letting us down anytime soon.

Check out the full trailer above, find the list of season three’s chefs below, and catch the new season when it premieres on Netflix on Feb. 17.

Chef’s Table Season Three Chefs:
Jeong Kwan, Baekyasa Temple (South Korea)
Vladimir Muhkin, White Rabbit (Moscow, Russia)
Tim Raue, Restaurant Tim Raue (Berlin, Germany)
Virgilio Martinez, Central (Lima, Peru)
Ivan Orkin, Ivan Ramen (New York, N.Y.)
Nancy Silverton, Osteria Mozza, (Los Angeles, Calif.)