A Museum Of Chocolate is Coming to New York City

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A Museum Of Chocolate is Coming to New York City

If the Champagne Truffles or Brulee Crunch weren’t enough of an enticement for Jacques Torres’ Soho chocolate shop, there will now be a Museum of Chocolate to go along with them. As Eater reports, the museum will be called “Choco-Story New York, The Chocolate Museum and Experience with Jacques Torres,” but otherwise, details are scarce.

Torres, a renowned chocolatier, former chef at the Ritz Carlton, Food Network host and current Dean of Pastry Arts at the Culinary Institute of America, is eminently qualified to curate chocolate. He already owns eight New York City artisan chocolate shops and prides himself on being “the first artisan chocolatier to start from cocoa beans to make his own chocolate.”

The museum will, of course, have some fierce competition. Rivals include the expansive chocolate factory display of Hershey Park, Orlando’s World Of Chocolate museum, Canada’s Chocolate Museum and the Chocolate Museum in London.

Stay tuned to find out whether the exhibit is a bona fide museum or just a ruse to get you to buy more chocolate.