Farmers' Market Fetish: Easton, PA

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Farmers' Market Fetish: Easton, PA

I happen to be a very lucky individual. I live in a small, architecturally engaging city with proximity to large metro areas (New York and Philly) and access to the great outdoors (mountains, rivers, rails-to-trails). I’m most especially lucky because Easton, Pennsylvania is home to the nation’s oldest, continuously operating open-air farmers’ market, dating to 1752. It’s where scores of local farms and artisan food vendors set up twice a week (Wednesday night and Saturday mornings) in the confusingly named Centre Square (ask William Penn about it). Like any good farmers’ market, it’s the heartbeat of the community. It’s where I have repeatedly shaken the hand that feeds me—and asked lots of questions of those farmers, too. I’ve had life-altering conversations and witnessed impromptu flash mobs, musical performances and chef demonstrations. I’ve voluntereed, hosting talks about market produce and products, helped with wildly popular food-centric festivals such as PA Baconfest. When life intervenes and I can’t get to the market, I always feel a little off. I know I’ve truly missed something.

It may not be California, with its perpetual sunshine, four-season outdoor market shopping and all fruit trees, all the time. But I’ll happily take it. Welcome to the Easton Farmers’ Market, a producer and grower-only market that prioritizes what’s fresh, local and sustainable.

Carrie Havranek is a recovering music critic and part-time baker who writes about food, farmers’ markets, chefs and restaurants—and sometimes travel—from her home in Easton, Pennsylvania. You may have seen her work elsewhere in Edible Philly, the Kitchn, or Frommer’s.