All the January Food Holidays You Need to Know About

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All the January Food Holidays You Need to Know About

If you’re reading this, congratulations on surviving the mess that was 2016. We’ve made it to January, and thus must remember the good in the world—food. It’s also the end of an era, as this series started last February.

Resolutions to eat healthier drive January are National Fat Free Living Month, although cutting out fat is actually not good for you. January 13, National Gluten-Free Day, also commemorates a diet choice. There are several days honoring healthy bites, namely National Bean Day (January 6) and National Apricot Day (January 9).

Meanwhile, the entire month is also dedicated to slow cooking. January has additionally designated national holidays for shortbread (January 6), pie (January 23) and croissants (January 30) as a reminder that baked gluttony is acceptable at any time of the year.

January 16 brings International Hot and Spicy Day, which can serve as an opportunity to celebrate the world’s more flavorful cuisine and cure your cold if you’ve happened to pick up an ailment. In terms of beverages, January 11 celebrates hot toddies, perhaps the greatest winter warmer of all time, while January 18 is dedicated to gourmet coffee.

Sarra Sedghi is Paste Food’s assistant editor. Her eternal food baby is named Frederick.