Feed Your Feed!: 10 Gardening Twitter Accounts Worth Following

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Birds love to sing in gardens, so it’s no surprise these gardeners love to tweet! With summertime upon us, what better time than now to pick up some seeds and some soil and test out your green thumb. Whether you’re looking for advice on how to hack a household item into a gardening tool, how to maintain plants in an urban setting, or how to use what you grow to make a delicious drink, these feeds have everything you need when it comes to gardening.

1. Gardening Guru – @gardeningguru

Twitter Bio: Gardening tips and tricks from around the web tweeted regularly
Followers: 16.6K
Need for Feed: @gardening guru is an all-around great feed to follow, as it touches on all things gardening, and retweets the best gardening posts out there. A good place to begin for those whose gardening talents have yet to blossom.

2. Telegraph Gardening – @TeleGardening

Twitter Bio: Gardening news and advice from The Daily Telegraph, including our Chelsea Flower Show coverage
Followers: 20K
Need for Feed: As the Telegraph's gardening section, @TeleGardening shovels out tons of tweets and tips on all things growing. Look no further for gorgeous inspirational pics. (Even better, you can sound smart with all your friends by saying you follow The Telegraph.)

3. Gayla Trail – @yougrowgirl

Twitter Bio: Gardening for the People! Gardening, food, travel. Author/photographer of 3 best selling urban, organic gardening books & a homemade guidebook series.
Followers: 15.4K
Need for Feed: @yougrowgirl wins for best gardening handle. She not only has great tweets and tips about gardening, but a great and entertaining sense of humor.

4. Fern Richardson – @LifeOnTheBlcny

Twitter Bio: Balcony gardener, wife, collector of smashed pennies, audiobook listener, vegetarian, crazy cat lady, beginning golfer, Arizona lover, Guinness drinker.
Followers: 6,675
Need for Feed: Life on the balcony is written by Fern Richardson. (Is “Fern” her pen name, or a prime example of how naming your child something affects his or her destiny?) Either way, Fern is an easy follow for any parent and beginner gardener. With plenty of tweets about gardening as well as DIY hacks around the house, @LifeOnTheBlcny is a life worth following.

5. Garden Therapy – @Garden_Therapy

Twitter Bio: DIY garden projects, recipes, and crafty goodness.
Followers: 8,143
Need for Feed: All hobbies can get expensive. But when you DIY, all you're spending is time. @Garden_Therapy has great, thrifty, crafty solutions for gardening needs.

6. Garden World Images – @gwi_photos

Twitter Bio: Support specialist picture libraries! @baplaUK Member. MD: Tyrone McGlinchey FLS, Tweets by james@gardenworldimages.com
Followers: 906
Need for Feed: A beautiful garden can calm the soul, and this feed offers gorgeous images of groomed landscapes. Even if you're not able to have your own garden, these pictures are so soothing to look upon, it gets you close.

7. Urban Gardens – @urbangardens

Twitter Bio: A creative fusion of urban style, innovative design, and nature.
Followers: 36.5K
Need for Feed: Not all garden lovers live in the country. For the big city gardener with a bit of creativity and some mad skills, @urbangardens gives great guidance on keeping a bit of nature in their concrete jungle.

8. edible Allegheny – @edibleAllegheny

Twitter Bio: Celebrating Local Food & Healthy Lifestyles, Season by Season
Followers: 3,428
Need for Feed: Sure, gardening is fulfilling, but it can also be filling. @edibleAllegheny brings the produce to that next phase: food. Recipes for rhubarb jam and other delicious delights are tweeted regularly.

9. Gardening with Kids – @GardenwithKids

Twitter Bio: To empower every generation to lead healthier lives, build stronger communities and encourage environmental stewardship through #educational#gardeningprograms
Followers: 1,217
Need for Feed: Gardening is both an important skill as well as a therapeutic one. And who loves to get their hands dirtier than children? This feed has simple, engaging projects for the small green thumbs out there.

10. Gardening Know How – @gardenknowhow

Twitter Bio: Ask a gardening question. Get a gardening answer.
Followers: 20.3K
Need for Feed: Seek and ye shall find … the answers to all your gardening questions. That’s the great thing about twitter, instant conversation, and this feed is the place for any curiosities and direct advice.

There you have it—a drop from an ocean (or at least a sizable lake) of good Twitter feeds for gardening. How about you, Paste readers … what are some other good Twitter feeds for people who love to garden?

Madina Papadopoulos is a New York-based freelance writer and regular contributor to Paste. You can follow her on Twitter.