Two Hawaiian Farm-to-Table Tours to Book

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Two Hawaiian Farm-to-Table Tours to Book

Farm-to-table is not just a trend in Hawaii. It’s a huge movement that has gained lots of momentum in recent years. With more than 80 percent of Hawaii’s food currently imported from the Mainland, Hawaii’s tourism and food industry have tried becoming more self sufficient by creating nonprofits, farm-to-table eateries and community centers that blend delicious food and social awareness based on eating local.

Two food-centric tours that should be on your must-visit and foodie lists on Kauai are the He ‘Aina Ola Farm Tour at the Waipa Foundation and the Haraguchi Rice Mill Tour. Both tours start out with a visit to the farms and end with incredible meals made with the very ingredients grown on the farm. It’s an educational, humbling and delicious experience that should be on every local and tourist’s wish list.

Kristie Hang is a jet setting freelance food and travel journalist featured in LA Weekly, LAist, Gothamist, MSNBC etc. She has a Masters in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School of Journalism and a B.A. from UCLA. Find her online on Instagram @kristiehang.