Play Kitchens We Wish Were Real

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Play Kitchens We Wish Were Real

There’s an appeal to fake yet realistic food—perhaps because it perpetually evokes the moment when food is ready, looking perfect and so appetizing.

Play kitchens, by nature, are miniaturized, and there’s something in the scaling down of them that flares up the collecting fetish for some people (ahem, guilty right here). A play kitchen is completely controllable by virtue of its size, and by the lack of limitations on its power source: your imagination. Every meal can turn out perfectly, and unlike the aftermath of preparing edible food, the mess is easy to clean up.

I’m not a kid anymore, and as a chef, I feel in control in most actual kitchens. But I’m still drawn to the safety and idealized domesticity of play kitchens and their many, many accessories—enough that it takes real self-control when shopping for toys for my own young daughter (the kid’s section of IKEA is a very dangerous place for us). I put a hold on adding to my own collection of play food and miniature kitchens, because I refuse to share them with her…and what’s the fun in that?

Sara Bir is one of those annoying people who thinks making fake food out of felt is totally adorable. She’s the editor of Paste Food.