Farmers' Market Fetish: Royal Oak, Michigan

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Farmers' Market Fetish: Royal Oak, Michigan

If you’ve been in Detroit on a Saturday morning, you might have been one of the 40,000-plus visitors to Eastern Market all, it’s the largest historic public market district in the country. But there’s another market well worth visiting! Along with Eastern Market, Country Living also named Royal Oak Farmer’s Market as one of the nation’s top eight markets. It’s much smaller than Eastern Market, yet you’ll still find plenty of delicious Michigan-grown edible delights, and you won’t have to battle for a parking space. (Skirmish, perhaps, but not battle.)

Once inside the venerable 88-year-old market, you’ll find everything from urban honey to sausages made with global spice blends and sustainable meats. Fancy mushrooms? Check. Pastured steaks? Got that, too, sitting right next to the grass-fed Amish butter.

Despite the fact that the growing season in Michigan is much shorter than it is elsewhere, Michigan farmers pack a lot into that season: Michigan is second only to California in terms of agricultural diversity. You’ll believe that when you see the gorgeous produce for sale. When fall settles in, the folks from Busy Bee orchards bring in their fresh-pressed cider to tantalize you with drinkable bliss. Michigan apples are well worth the wait!

And all of this is nestled within one of the most walkable, populated downtown areas in Metro Detroit. Could it get any more magical?

Lisa Howard is the author of Healthier Gluten-Free (2014) and The Big Book of Healthy Cooking Oils (September 2015).