The World's Most Expensive Chips Cost More Than $10 Each

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Salty snacks are a must for any self-respecting bar. They meld with beer perfectly, and they have the added benefit of keeping patrons thirsty. Some breweries even go so far as to make their own snacks to pair with their brews, which is exactly what Swedish brewery St. Erik’s has done.

Believing their beer deserved only the finest accompaniment, St. Erik’s created the world’s most expensive chips, almost as pricey as Beluga caviar. The chips, which come in a box instead of the usual bag, cost $56, and there are only five chips in every box. Despite the high price tag, the chips sold out almost instantly after their release.

The chips are intended to be paired with St. Erik’s India Pale Ale, contain rare Nordic ingredients and are individually handmade by chef Pi Le and the Swedish culinary team. Additional ingredients include matsutake mushrooms, Leksand onion, truffled seaweed, India Pale Ale wort, crown dill and Ammärnas-region almond potatoes.

Each of these ingredients is rare in some way. The Leksand onion is always planted May 18 and harvested Aug. 10, no matter what the weather is like. As for the almond potatoes, they’re grown on a steep, rocky south-facing location. If you’re wondering why these things are done this way, you clearly aren’t fancy enough for these artisanal chips.

St. Erik’s bill their chips as the most exclusive in the world, and only made 100 boxes—that means there are only 500 chips currently in existence. One day, you’ll be able to buy them, framed, on eBay.